Where Should We Set Up New Schools?

Actually, the title is wrong. Do we have to set up schools? Do we have to keep schools in the concrete buildings?

I’ve graduated middle school about 30 years ago. I’m part of a lucky generation. We’ve had chance to experience many changes gradually like the first television in our homes to Netflix, and first internet experience in 1989 to the online games that we play simultaneously with hundreds of people on our smart phones.

However, despite of this mobility, there’s an institution which resists changing potently and continues to resist: Traditional education system. We’re in a system where we still sit on the school desks same as 30 years ago, have similar clothes and listen to one teacher trying to teach the same learning content to 40 students promiscuously. Even in most of the companies, they try to train with the traditional methods.

Societies that make a real reform in the education and actualize individualized education properly will have an impact for the next 50 years.

Do you aware that digital advertisements have artificial intelligence and they can target each person with individualized text and images? When you play games, you can’t differentiate a human opponent from an AI easily. Why we don’t make use of AI in the education field, although it is advanced and used in many fields heavily?

I’ve been in a scholarship interviews in Bahçeşehir University for the game design department. A 17-year-old have developed a game and it will have been in digital platforms in a few days. When I asked him where he learnt, he answered me bewilderedly; “You can learn anything in Udemy.”

It’s that simple. We’re still talking about the programming education in schools, but bright minds have already found their own paths out of the system. When we have programming class in the traditional system, they still give the same education to everyone. While we don’t know whether our young talents are strong in design, have creative skills or want to set a database.

They all require different field of interests and competencies.

In fact, platforms like Udemy and Lynda are far ahead from traditional education system. Check Toppr that was developed in India and have trained millions of users.

With the current technology; it’s possible to prepare qualified, profound and diverse trainings and direct users to the trainings that they need by analyzing their competence in digital platforms. An AI working on the backplane can determine personalized interests, the competences that need to be developed and with which trainings they can be developed and it can provide a personal training program. Thereby, we can create an area which is time efficient and where nobody’s getting bored with the meaningless content and improving themselves according to their interests.

It’s ridiculous that we have a world-wide education system where we have 40 people in a class and a trainer who tries to dictate same training program for everyone in 2018. The ones who see the opportunities, the ones who will be apart from this traditional system, will be the leader institutions and countries in the future. A new wave of change is coming. Be ready!