Brain Drain

Brain drain is an urban legend that has been spoken about and treated like a topic that can be resolved if we close our borders or we stop issuing passports. Well, are we facing a major problem?

Or let’s look at it from a different angle. Is it really tempting to leave this beautiful nature, your friends, your family and the opportunity to do hundreds of other jobs and dive into an adventure?

I think physical migration is not a major problem. Of course, there are people we admire who have found jobs abroad with better conditions, both financially and career wise. Their contribution to Turkey, today and in the future, will be much larger. We are in a global world, now. Acquiring different experiences in different geographies for workforce is quite necessary, and also a subject that creates added value. What is important is to create the necessary facilities to ensure the workforce to be able to move anywhere. If there are people going to US to work, while also people are coming to Turkey from Ukraine or Korea to work, it means that we are speaking about a great benefit, not a loss.

We do not see any foreigners working in senior management positions of Turkey’s many major companies. On the other hand, the ratio in the technology companies is slightly better, but not enough. Instead of saying that no one should go away, we need to focus on what we can do to bring people from abroad, not just as the company, also what we can do as a society, for example, the city planning, to attract them and provide them happy lives.

There is a greater danger that I am worried about. Many educated people are constantly saying things such as “going abroad”, “running away” but not doing anything. These people create a terrible negative atmosphere, but they really do harm with the rumor they create. People who hear the expression “I will go” from the people they trust and take example, get caught up in pessimism and meaninglessly start to look for opportunities to leave the country, too. The funny thing is, some of those who say “I will go”, do not have any clue about the country they are planning to go.

My observation is that the performances of those who adopt this mindset are also failing in their work performance. Future and career expectations become uncertain and the risks of unemployment are increasing due to their performance problems. As a result, all of this starts a chain reaction. Those who talk consistently about leaving, do not develop themselves, do not invest in social life and relationships in the business world, and in their careers, and they lose everyday. Due to the low motivation, current job and social lives are deteriorating, which naturally end up further decrease of their motivations.

The point that surprises me mostly is howcome these precious brains are not able to assess the situation calmly and objectively. I am shocked when someone, who had graduated as an engineer from a reputable university, says “I would do any job available which provides me the chance of moving abroad.” After years of study and completing a serious engineering education, starting from scratch and trying to be successful and happy in an environment where you are a stranger to its geography and culture, and also away from your family and friends. It does not seem very reasonable.

Please do not get me wrong. I am supporting working abroad. If you are successful and creating a difference, they can find you from any place on Earth. You will go by choosing the most attractive one among the offers. You will create both for yourself and your country. However, if you go just like escaping from something, the place that you imagine as a paradise without even visiting may become an adventure with full of unpleasant surprises.

I have been to more than 100 cities for business. Believe me, I did not envy any of them, except a few. Whenever I came back, I appreciated the means and opportunities that we have. Therefore, I recommend everyone to use their current conditions in the best possible way. Always, focus on the bright side. Make the most for yourself, your community, your company, society and country with the existing means. All of this will improve you and make you a strong and motivated person. Afterwards, life will be fair to you…